Our Story

We listened to a podcast once about how to choose a company name. They said put an X in it because those companies are statistically more successful and easier to remember, like Spanx. And Xbox. 
The Jolly Pheasant Design Company doesn't have a single X and therefore we only have ourselves to blame for all those letters addressed to 'The Jolly Pleasant', 'The Jolly Peasant' and, favourite of all, 'The Happy Peacock'. 
We're sticking with it though. Because even though pheasants are derided for their inability to dodge oncoming traffic and tendency to end up in pies, we love them! 
If you live near the countryside pheasants are all around you; after a while you don't even notice them anymore. But their feathers are beautiful, their eggs are gorgeously coloured in olives and blues and (fun fact!) a lot of woodland in England is planted and maintained just to cover them. Even if that is just so someone can shoot at them.
Jules and I have done other things - Jules ran her own successful media publishing business, I was a social researcher, ran a tiny publishing company then retrained as a social worker. But it was moving nearer to the countryside, consciously deciding to spend more time in fields and woodland, that has changed both our lives - easing the challenges of mental health problems in both adults and children and connecting ourselves and our families with nature in a way that seemed to give problems some perspective. 
It is not difficult in 2019 to find evidence that walking, exercising, meditating, thinking, socialising, giving, sharing, jumping in puddles, counting leaves, befriending a dog, planting veg, arranging flowers, just looking after yourself, are all part of living a longer and happier life. 
The benefits of the countryside can and should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, whoever you are and wherever you live. It's about the herbs in your tea, the fragrance in your beard balm, the bees in their bedtime story. It's the products that give you space; where you can write things down, organise your thoughts, use your imagination. It's homeware that brings the outside in with beautiful design and natural materials. 
We want to give you things that are fresh and fun and made with love by people who really care about their products and their brands. 
We want to inspire you with tales from people from all walks of life - check out Stories, we add new ones every week. We also want to support organisations that help others, by donating money and products to people in hardship. Do look out for updates on our instagram page and the Buy One, Give Some section of this website. 
And we love hearing from you so do send us a message - we will reply! 
Thank you for stopping by!
Jules and Em x