Ten Reasons You Need A Locker In Your Life

1. Lockers are officially cool. They have a kind of retro John-Travolta-in-Grease-school-corridor vibe about them that gives you instant interior-styling cred


2. We love them for all things countryside – muddy wellies, the hook for your dog lead, binoculars, maps, rucksacks, waterproofs. Your locker’s got air vents so nothing goes mouldy.


3. Trying to be tidy is fraught with emotional-labour-debate complexity that no one really understands yet. However, not losing your shit in the morning because everyone hung their stuff back up in their locker last night and didn’t just chuck it on the floor, can only be a good thing


4. Create your own little wellbeing space; a shelf for your trainers, a hook for your towel and bags of space for your water bottle and yoga mat. You can even stick your goals on the inside of the door next to an inspirational selfie you took called ‘Day 1’, looking determined in Lycra


5. All the shelves are adjustable so your locker will never hold you hostage to your stuff – change your mind as often as you like


6. Hide stuff in it. Fourteen seconds is all it takes to move all the washing on the floor, a large stack of unopened mail and a dead spider plant into your locker before little Charlie’s mum turns for up for that play date and judges you all over. Now, she’s just jealous of your locker.


7. Create a stand-alone office space that you can shut away at the end of the day. Shelves for books, space for files and there is even a hole at the back so you can safely charge your phone and laptop


8. You’ll own the coolest noticeboard in town – the whole locker is magnetic so fill it with photos of the kids, mug shots of the dog and gaudy, holiday gift-shop magnets. FUN


9. Instantly change the look of any room by picking a colour you love – mustard and navy look amazing draped with plants, choose pink and olive for gorgeous bedside tables or charcoal grey for a cool grown-up vibe


10. Your locker has a lock. Only you have the key. Imagine the possibilities…



All lockers are included in our free delivery offer for Feb!


For every locker we sell, we donate a £5 supermarket voucher to people in hardship via the Independent Domestic Abuse Service (IDAS).